"The Next Big Thing"

The “what is the next big thing in Africa” is usually the question posed in conferences and talks across the continent, not to sound like a prophet, but the answer is pretty obvious, it is SMEs!

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in most economies, particularly in developing countries. Formal SMEs contribute up to 45 percent of total employment and up to 33 percent of national income (GDP) in emerging economies.

A World Bank Group study suggests there are between 365-445 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in emerging markets: 25-30 million are formal SMEs; 55-70 million are formal micro enterprises; and 285-345 million are informal enterprises. Moving informal SMEs into the formal sector can have considerable advantages for the economy.

In this regard, there is the need to have all SMEs on one platform, for ease of access, therefore we present Small African Business Network!

The next name in business listings. Small African business network is a directory, formed from an idea to bring all businesses in Africa to one directory, regardless of location. This is the next step for you to get your business on the map. Register at small Africa business network and your business will be added to a directory, which allows visitors in your region access to your business amongst others. It provides information about your business to any internet user, hence increasing your publicity. The easy user interface allows your business to be featured on the front page and easily accessible to customers. This will set your apart from your competitors.

For travellers and wayfarers, this website gives you access to an array of business for whatever you need in any new place you find yourself. An added advantage is that you can rate the business based on the quality of the product or service you received. This is a fast growing directory you need to promote your business on, and visit frequently if you are someone that finds yourself lost in new places.

SABN is a business directory for African business where small and medium scale businesses can list their products and services, they can promote their business, events, articles and more.
Our long term vision is to connect services suppliers/providers and demand across Africa; this is the first wholly African Business directory providing convenience to buyers and growth to suppliers while boosting the African economy. Users can find a business by its name, location, business category or by searching the name of the business.

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18 Jan 2017

By Joshua-karis Osugo