Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET)


The Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET) was established in April 2000 in order to bring together, advocate for, and promote a large number of small enterprises that were active in the tourism industry in The Gambia. These businesses include craft market vendors, tourist taxi drivers, official tourist guides, juice pressers and fruit sellers as well as a number of small hotels, guest houses and ground tour operators etc. Within five years ASSET has attracted more than eighty organisations into membership, has hosted an international conference on Fair Trade in Tourism, has been recognised by the Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA) as an important voice for the previously voiceless and has become a leading player in the Gambian Responsible Tourism Partnership programme that is being led by the GTA. This programme brings together the principal stakeholders in the tourism industry (government, tour operators, ground handlers, hoteliers and small scale businesses) in order to ensure that the adverse impacts of tourism are minimised and that maximum benefits are gained by local people and their communities.


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